Apex Base

Apex Base has been setting the standard in base jumping equipment for three decades. They design, engineer and manufacture the world’s finest base equipment.



Website Design

The Task

In Base Jumping, customization isn’t a feature – it’s the standard. Apex Base needed to create a UI/UX that would allow their customers to create custom canopies & containers down to the last stitch. The goal was to design an interface that would allow customers to edit the key Apex Base products; containers & canopies. We also needed to design and backend that would provide Apex staff with all the information they needed to execute each custom order.

The Outcome

A brand, UI/UX and website design for Apex Base. We designed a completely new and custom interface that allows customer to design every panel of the container. The result is a fully custom and unique product per customer that’s easily fulfilled on the backend by Apex.