Stokes O’Brien

A law firm specializing in areas including: fraud, breach of contract, intellectual property and trade secrets, shareholder/partner disputes, theft and embezzlement, contracts, real estate, and construction.



Website Design


Transforming Legal Excellence with Stokes & O’Brien Law Firm



Stokes & O’Brien Law Firm emerges as a beacon of legal expertise, specializing in a diverse array of practice areas ranging from fraud and breach of contract to intellectual property and shareholder disputes. With a steadfast commitment to delivering unparalleled legal counsel, Stokes & O’Brien stands poised to navigate the complex terrain of contemporary legal challenges.

The Challenge:

When Bonnie Stokes and John O’Brien, esteemed attorneys and confidants, embarked on the journey to merge their respective law firms, the mandate was clear: to forge a cohesive brand identity that epitomized their shared vision of legal excellence. Tasked with spearheading this rebranding initiative, our objective was to orchestrate a comprehensive overhaul of the firm’s visual identity, spanning from logo design to digital presence.

The Approach:

Guided by a steadfast commitment to meticulous craftsmanship and strategic innovation, our collaboration with Stokes & O’Brien Law Firm unfolded as a symphony of creativity and purpose. Drawing upon our expertise in both print and digital design realms, we embarked on a transformative journey to reimagine the firm’s brand identity from its very foundation.


Our multifaceted approach to rebranding encompassed every facet of the firm’s visual identity, from the conceptualization of a new logo design to the development of a comprehensive brand guide. Moreover, we meticulously curated stationery, crafted compelling printed marketing materials, and engineered a cutting-edge website that served as the digital cornerstone of Stokes & O’Brien’s newfound identity.



The fruits of our collaborative endeavors were nothing short of transformative. By infusing Stokes & O’Brien with a refreshed visual identity that resonated deeply with their target audience, we catalyzed a wave of positive reception and measurable success. Our strategic fusion of print and digital design strategies not only enhanced the firm’s visibility and credibility but also fortified its position as a preeminent legal authority in a competitive landscape.

In summation, our partnership with Stokes & O’Brien Law Firm exemplified the potent synergy of creativity and strategy in effectuating meaningful change. Through a harmonious blend of design expertise and strategic acumen, we succeeded in elevating Stokes & O’Brien to new heights of prominence and distinction within the legal arena.